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le grotte
informazioni sul pozzo, le grotte
e tutti i ritrovamenti dei sotterranei
[the Italian version of this site]

the caves
the English site of our caves
[this web site!!!]

the restaurant and the shops
of Pozzo della Cava

restaurant, wine shop, arts and craft, ceramic, books...

the press room of Pozzo della Cava, with news, press cuttings, kits to download

the Christmas Crib in the Well
the famous Christmas Crib of Pozzo della Cava, with self-moving life-size figures


the site map... of the caves

home page of the caves' web site

what is Pozzo della Cava?
:. map of the caves
:. the well [pozzo]: its structure . history
......... . the access from the street

:. the kilns: the medieval workshop
......... . the Renaissance muffle . the potsherds

:. Etruscan finds: the reused tomb . the rock tombs
......... .
the cistern for water . the underground passages

:. medieval finds: the "butti" . the wine cellar
......... . the pillar of a tower

:. the big cave: the quarry and "the well number two"
:. ...not only caves: the terrace and the shops

how to visit it
:. admission
:. visits: self-guided visits . guided and thematic tours
:. food-and-wine: tasting and workshops
:. services: didactics, music, rent and shows
:. discounts: discorver our partnerchips
:. price-list: download the .pdf file

where we are
:. address and map . how to find Pozzo della Cava
:. how to get to Orvieto . special for tourist bus
:. google maps

when we are open
:. opening time

who we are
:. names and roles . business info . e-mail addresses

why to visit it

:. some reason to do it


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the medieval quarter
of Orvieto

Orvieto and surroundings