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     «Few people know that the rock on which Orvieto was built contains an intricate network of more than one thousands underground cavities, dug out and adapted during the twenty-seven centuries of the town history.
     One of the places where this overlapping of periods can best be appreciated is indubitably the underground complex known as the Pozzo della Cava, in the heart of the medieval quarter: the singular feature of the entire structure, which makes it unique throughout the country, is that it contains a large number of Etruscan, Medieval and Renaissance archaeological finds, all lying together almost as though they had been packed away in the caves that make up the route for visiting the well.
     The new discoveries, made in the last twenty years thanks to private enterprise, have often added further pages to the history of the town, questioning accepted theories».


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why visit Pozzo della Cava?
because Pozzo della Cava
is more than just a well...'s one of the highlights of a historical and archaeological tour of Orvieto's a place where the past and the present combine with respect for twenty-seven centuries of tradition's an invitation to discover Etruscans, Middle Ages and Renaissance, because Orvieto is not only the Cathedral's a fascinating underground itinerary located in the heart of Orvieto, through caves full of recently discovered archaeological finds's an unusual way of discovering the history the city known as Urbs Vetus and the customs of its people's an original opportunity to retake possession of a disinterred heritage