the cave of the
reused tomb
the cave of the
reused tomb
the transformed
Etruscan tomb bed
the transformed
Etruscan tomb bed

place: 2nd cave of the itinerary
visible from the 1st undergr. floor
discovery: 1996
restorations: 1996
first opening: 1996

the reused Etruscan tomb
from tomb to fulling mill ?

The excavation found under the floor of the second chamber is difficult to interpret, since it was modified over and over again in the course of the centuries.

Its shape is in fact typical of an Etruscan tomb bed, but the excavation in the middle [like a stone basin] and the side holes show that it might be transformed into a fulling device, used to make fabrics more compact and softer.

If this is actually the case, it would be the first find of its type in the medieval district of Orvieto and would confirm the contents of old documents in which mention is made of many fulling mills that once existed in this area.

ancient sketch
of an Etruscan tomb
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