1 the medieval pottery
1/8 the kiln discards
2/5 the medieval "butti"
3 the Etruscan tomb
4 Pozzo (well) della Cava
6 the Etruscan cistern
7 the medieval wine cellar
8 the Renaissance muffle
9 the pillar of a tower
10/11 the rock tombs
12 the quarry
13 the well "number 2"
14 the Etruscan passage

ingresso - biglietteria
cortile interno
negozi e servizi
what is the archaeological itinerary of Pozzo della Cava?
nine caves, a lot of finds...
    ...and 27 centuries of history

the well
  the structure
  the access from the street

the kilns
  the medieval workshop
  la Renaissance muffle
  the potsherds

Etruscan finds
  the reused tomb
  the rock tombs
  the cistern for water
  the underground passages

medieval finds
  the "butti"
  the wine cellar
  the pillar of a tower

the big cave
  the quarry and
  "the well number 2"

...not only caves
  the terrace and the shops