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the terrace and the shops
not only caves at Pozzo della Cava

Pozzo della Cava is not only underground caves and archaeological finds, but also pleasures of the table, special potteries, local arts and crafts, books and relax.

Our terrace is a little inner court between medieval walls in volcanic tufa. It's like a natural stage for concerts, little shows, lectures and events under a very fresh pergola. It's a very suggestive multifunctional space, for a break or for reading, for a lunch or for talking, for meetings, wine tasting, shows, didactic and recreational workshops, for an unusual party or an incentive tour, or for a special Italian Wedding!

At «La Bottega del Buon Vino» [the "good wine shop" at the exit of the archaeological area of Pozzo della Cava] you can make a pause with an Italian "espresso" or a cup of tea, have lunch in a typical room dug into the tufa [we suggest the "lombrichelle", the typical hand made Orvieto pasta], reserve the "table of braves", on a sheet of plate glass over the Etruscan cistern, eat and buy the Umbrian gastronomic specialties, or taste and buy the genuine Orvieto wine and the local liquors [guaranteed by Pozzo della Cava logo]

We have asked the skillful Orvieto craftsmen to obtain an exclusive production of artistic ceramics and handwork. And so we have open our shop called «Le Arti Minori» [the ancient arts and crafts], where all products are guaranteed by «Pozzo della Cava» logo. The real pride of this unusual shop are the reproductions of the archaeological finds of the two medieval pottery kilns [see the pages about the kiln, the muffle kiln and the "butti"]. They are the faithful copies of the kiln discards of the medieval and Renaissance potter's workshops of Pozzo della Cava and they are provided of a special warranty to certify that they are "genuine falsehoods".

In our little bookshop (near the exit of the archaeological area) it's possible to find and buy guidebooks to Orvieto and Umbria, books on local traditions, history and recipes, monographs on most important sights of Orvieto and surrounding area, postcards, videos...

the well
  the structure
  the access from the street

the kilns
  the medieval workshop
  la Renaissance muffle
  the potsherds

Etruscan finds
  the reused tomb
  the rock tombs
  the cistern for water
  the underground passages

medieval finds
  the "butti"
  the wine cellar
  the pillar of a tower

the big cave
  the quarry and
  "the well number 2"

...not only caves
  the terrace and the shops