the Etruscan cistern and the
wine cellar
the Etruscan cistern
the bottom

between the 5th and the 6th caves
between the first and the second
underground floor
discovery: 1991
restorations: 1992
first opening: 1992

the Etruscan cistern
the reservoir for rain water
with the “cocciopesto” plaster

Near the second "butto" there is a cistern for the collection of rain water, later cut into for the staircase of the wine cellar.

This large reservoir dates to Etruscan times, as indicated by the waterproofing plaster still visible on the inner wall built with well-ground terracotta fragments mixed with lime, according to a tech-nique called "cocciopesto".

Water was collected from the roofs and was carried through terra cotta tubes [like those exhibited at the bottom of the cistern] to the reservoir after passing through a layer of filtering material.

an Etruscan Cistern
"a cocciopesto"
the well
  the structure
  the access from the street

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  la Renaissance muffle
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Etruscan finds
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  the underground passages

medieval finds
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