the ancient potsherds
more than three centuries of ceramics fragments

In the first and the seventh cave of the itinerary it's possible to see the discard of the medieval kiln and of the Renaissance muffle.

They was discarded because they were defective in shape or form.

Alongside some of these finds are exhibited reproductions that give an idea of the original appearance*.

Glazed pottery (end of the 13th century):
the object was painted and dipped in glaze before firing

Old majolica (14th century):
after an initial firing the object was dipped in glaze, then decorated using copper green and manganese brown before being fired again

Fifteenth-century majolica:
the same technique as before was used; the colours blue, yellow and orange were used in addition to green and brown

Lustre ware (16th century):
after the second firing the objects were decorated again with iridescent gold and ruby red, then fired for the third time

*we would like to inform those interested that
these reproductions, made exclusively for
"Pozzo della Cava" by skilled Orvieto craftsmen,
are available for purchase at «Le Arti Minori»,
the ceramic shop at the end of the itinerary
the well
  the structure
  the access from the street

the kilns
  the medieval workshop
  la Renaissance muffle
  the potsherds

Etruscan finds
  the reused tomb
  the rock tombs
  the cistern for water
  the underground passages

medieval finds
  the "butti"
  the wine cellar
  the pillar of a tower

the big cave
  the quarry and
  "the well number 2"

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  the terrace and the shops