the medieval
wine cellar
the cave of the
butti and the cellar
the entrance
of the cellar
the cistern and the "scendibotte"

6th cave - visible from the 5th
depth: second underground floor
discovery: from time immemorial
restorations: 1992
first opening: 1992

the medieval wine cellar
for the famous Orvieto wine

The sixth underground room of the itinery of Pozzo della Cava is a medieval wine cellar.

An Etruscan cistern was cut into for the staircase of this cellar; the stairs have the typical "scendibotte" or ramps on either side so that the barrels could be rolled down to the room below.

Don't forget that many of the cavities in the subsoil of Orvieto have always served as wine cellars, for they have the three fundamental characteristics needed for the conservation of the famous Orvieto wine: a constant temperature, darkness and silence.

vintage and pressing of the grapes
the well
  the structure
  the access from the street

the kilns
  the medieval workshop
  la Renaissance muffle
  the potsherds

Etruscan finds
  the reused tomb
  the rock tombs
  the cistern for water
  the underground passages

medieval finds
  the "butti"
  the wine cellar
  the pillar of a tower

the big cave
  the quarry and
  "the well number 2"

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