full fare       € 4,00 per person
reduced fare € 2,50 p. person
for children, students, senior citizens [over 65], groups [at least 10 people], customers of funicular, «Campo della Fiera» car-park, St. Patrick's Well or «Orvieto Underground» [see more]
free admission under 6
Presentation of a ticket for «Pozzo
della Cava» entitles you to a
discount on a full admission ticket
to St. Patrick's Well or to «Orvieto
Underground» guided tours

self-guided visits
no escort... no bonds!!!

It's like a walk through the caves, seeing the archaeological finds at discretion, without a guide or an escort.

No particular problems are presented by the itinerary and all caves are very save caves.
Each archaeological find is provided with a multilingual explanation [in English, Italian, German, French and Spanish].

Doubtless this is the best way of visiting for individuals: the visitors are not obliged to follow an escort or to respect the time and the rhythm of a guided tour [booking is not required]

for its safeness, the caves of Pozzo della Cava
are the only underground itinerary in our region
in which is possible to have tours on your own,
without giudes or escorts
 self-guided visits
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