names and roles
Cav. Tersilio [Terzo]
owner - discoverer of Pozzo della Cava
:. administration .:

Cava. Maria Rita [Rita]
cook - co-owner of the caves
:. food-and-wine responsible .:

journalist - lecturer on cultural tourism
:. research, marketing and didactics .:
:. press office .:

:. preservation and restorations .:

Matteo and Filippo
:. baby-mascotte .:

Adelia (Lella)
:. supporter .:

Enrico † Armida † and Dante
:. they was precious supporters .:

non-resident collaborators
:. archaeologists - guides - consultants .:
[they are not our relatives, up to now...]


who we are
a very unusual...
...familiar-management museum

Pozzo della Cava is the only national monument in Italy discovered, restored
and directed by the owners' family

Although no contribution are taken for its works, maintenance and promotion, Pozzo della Cava
is today one of the most visited and appreciated museums in Orvieto

In the last twenty years we met a lot of difficulties for research, studies and works to bring to light all the archaeological finds and to promote them.
But now, we are very happy for the results of our sacrifices.

an old picture of Sciarra family

* data by "Regione dell'Umbria" and "Comune di Orvieto"